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2nd SPIM Workshop @ ISWC 2011

2nd International Workshop on Semantic Personalized Information Management: Retrieval and Recommendation (SPIM 2011)

Search engines implementing the canonical search paradigm are adequate for most ad-hoc keyword-based search tasks, but they reach limits when user needs have to be satisfied in a personalized way. With the advent of the Semantic Web, new opportunities emerge for semantic information retrieval systems to better match user needs. Next generation search engines should implement a novel search paradigm, where the user perspective is completely reversed: from finding to being found. Recommender Systems may help to support this new perspective, because they have the effect of pushing relevant objects to potentially interested users. An emerging approach is to use Semantic Web technologies to model information about users, their needs and preferences, their context and relations, and to incorporate data from other

resources like Linked Open Data.

The aim of the workshop is to investigate whether and how this large amount of wide-coverage and linked semantic knowledge can significantly improve the search/recommendation process in those tasks that cannot be solved merely through a straightforward matching of queries and documents.

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