11th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web 2010)

University of Deusto -- Bilbao, Spain -- 30 August - 3 September 2010

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Ec-Web 2010 is on:


After the initial enthusiastic initiatives and investments and the eventual bubble, Electronic Commerce has changed and evolved in a well established and founded reality both from a technological point of view and from a scientific one. Nevertheless, together with its evolution, new challenges and topics have emerged as well as new questions have raised related to many aspects of Electronic Commerce.

After the lesson learned during last years and following the successful edition of EC-Web 2009, for its 11th edition EC-Web will try to provide a clearer description of the Electronic Commerce universe focusing on some relevant topics. The main focus is not only on Internet related techniques and approaches. The aim of EC-Web 2010 is to cover also
aspects related to theoretical foundations of E-Commerce, Business rocesses as well as new approaches exploiting recently emerged technologies and scenarios such as Semantic Web, Web services, SOA Architectures, mobile and ubiquitous computing, just to cite a few. Due to their central role in any realistic e-commerce infrastructure
security and privacy issues are widely considered, without excluding legal and regulatory aspects.

We encourage papers that present innovative solutions for classical E-Commerce issues, such as e-negotiation, recommender systems, secure payments, as well as for new emerging areas, such as omputational and Search Advertising, Semantic Web, agent-based E-Commerce, applied Web Services, applied soft computing, information retrieval and information filtering techniques in web and/or e-commerce environments.

Although the conference seems naturally focused on computer science issues, we welcome and encourage research contributions from economics, business administration, law, sociology and other disciplines. In particular, papers about web marketing and its non-technical aspects, as well as about social aspects of e-commerce are encouraged. We also welcome papers reporting about innovative applications and case studies in the field of E-Commerce and/or Web Applications, like, e.g., Electronic Voting and Sponsored web search.

In order to provide a better categorization and classification of its main goals, Ec-Web 2010 will be organized as a multi-track conference. Each track will be organized as a mini-conference with corresponding reference area chairs. Even though the main focus of the conference concerns the relationship between E-commerce and emerging technologies, with strong attention toward semantics aspects, contributions about theoretical issues as well as cross-track contributions are very welcome.


EC-Web 2010 is organized by the DEXA Association in parallel with DEXA 2010 (21th Int. Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications).