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The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

(Albert Einstein)

Publications in 2010

A Mobile Knowledge-Based System for On-Board Diagnostics and Car Driving Assistance. ruta_et_al_UBICOMM2010.pdf

Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Filippo Gramegna, Eugenio Di Sciascio
The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM2010), page 91--96 - 2010

RFID-assisted product delivery in sustainable supply chains: a knowledge-based approach. ruta_et_al_IWRT2010.pdf

Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Filippo Gramegna, Saverio Ieva, Giuseppe Loseto
The 4th International Workshop on RFID Technology Concepts, Applications, Challenges (IWRT 2010), page 3--15 - 2010

SisInf Lab - Information Systems Laboratory

Research group of Politecnico di Bari
Edoardo Orabona St, 4 Bari, Italy