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SERVICE COMPUTATION 2010, The Second International Conferences on Advanced Service Computing, the series of events targets service computation on different facets. It considers their ubiquity and pervasiveness, WEB services, and particular categories of day-to-day services, such as public, utility, entertainment and business.

The ubiquity and pervasiveness of services, as well as their capability to be context-aware with (self-) adaptive capacities posse challenging tasks for services orchestration, integration, and integration. Some services might require energy optimization, some might requires special QoS guarantee in a Web-environment, while other a certain level of trust. The advent of Web Services raised the issues of self-announcement, dynamic service composition, and third party recommenders. Society and business services rely more and more on a combination of ubiquitous and pervasive services under certain constraints and with particular environmental limitations that require dynamic computation of feasibility, deployment and exploitation.

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