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Politecnico di Bari via E.Orabona,4
70125 Bari - Italy
Tel. +39 - 0805963 641/515
Fax. +39 - 0805963410

Publications - since 2001

Publications in 2017
The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces (IWASI 2017) - jun 2017

IEEE International Conference on Service Operations, Logistics, and Informatics (SOLI 2017) - Sep 2017

3rd Italian Conference on ICT for Smart Cities & Communities (I-CiTies 2017) - sep 2017

Proceedings of the 2Nd Workshop on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems, page 60--66 - 2017

ISMIS 2017 - 23rd International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems - 2017

Niko Makitalo, Marina Mongiello, Francesco Nocera, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Tommi Mikkonen, Cesare Pautasso, Kari Systä , Antero Taivalsaari
Current trends in Web Engineering (ICWE 2017 International Workshops) - 2017

21st International Conference on Knowledge Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems ( KES 2017) - sep 2017

Azzurra Ragone, Paolo Tomeo, Corrado Magarelli, Tommaso Di Noia, Matteo Palmonari, Andrea Maurino, Eugenio Di Sciascio
32nd ACM SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing - 2017

Publications in 2016
Cinzia Cappiello, Tommaso Di Noia, Maristella Matera
In proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2016) - 2016

1st International Workshop on Formal to Practical Software Verification and Composition (VeryComp 2016) - Co-located with Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations (STAF 2016) - july 2016

Paolo Tomeo, Ignacio Fernández-Tobías, Tommaso Di Noia, Ivan Cantador
4th Spanish Conference in Information Retrieval - 2016

Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems - 2016

Tommaso Di Noia, Azzurra Ragone, Andrea Maurino, Marina Mongiello, Maria Paola Marzocca, Giuseppe Cultrera, Mauro Paolo Bruno
1st Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web - WHiSe -- Co-located with the 13th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2016) - 2016