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Politecnico di Bari via E.Orabona,4
70125 Bari - Italy
Tel. +39 - 0805963 641/515
Fax. +39 - 0805963410

Tools developed at SisInf Lab

LED: Lookup Explore Discover LED (acronym of Lookup Explore Discover) is a web based system that aims to improve (lookup) Web search by enabling users to properly explore knowledge associated to her query.
We rely on DBpedia to explore the semantics of keywords within the query thus suggesting potentially interesting related topics/keywords to the user.
SWOC: Semantic Wonder
Inspired by the Google Wonder Wheel, we present SWOC (Semantic Wonder Cloud), a tool that helps users in knowledge exploration within the DBpedia dataset by adopting a hybrid approach.
The system exploits not only pure semantic connections in the underlying RDF graph but it mixes the meaning of such information with external non-semantic knowledge sources, such as web search engines and tagging systems.
Semantic Wonder Cloud allows the user to explore the relations between resources of knowledge domain via a simple and intuitive graphical interface.
NOT: Not Only Tag NOT (acronym of Not Only Tag) is a web-based tool for the semantic annotation of web resources, useful in both the tagging phase and in the retrieval one.
This semantic social tagging system can be used to recommend similar tags to users in the annotation and retrieval process of web resources.
NOT aims to enrich a keyword/tag with semantic information coming from DBpedia in order to discover the meaning of a query.
Semantic Based Marketplace A very intuitive and easy to use semantic-based marketplace able to find a Pareto agreement in a multi issues Bilateral Negotiation Scenario. It exploits a logic based approach to model relations among issues and agents preferences over issues. The User Interfaced is based on Web 2.0 technologies.
OwlEd for MaMaS OwlEd is a Multi Platform OWL manager able to exploit innovative features exposed by MaMaS - the MatchMaker Service. MaMaS-tng: The Next Generation MatchMaking Service MAMAS-tng (MAtch MAking Service - The Next Generation) is a Description Logics reasoning engine, in a subset of OWL-DL (ALN), endowed both of standard reasoning services and some unique non-standard inferences.

JUDDI+ An advanced UDDI registry to perform Semantic Web Service discovery and composition exploiting abductive inference service provided by MaMaS.
This work partecipated to the final phase of Web Service Challenge at IEEE CEC 2006/EEE 2006.
ACAB-C2 A system for Automated Composition of business processes in ERPs using Abduction-Based Concept Covering.
We present a novel approach and a system for automated selection of building blocks, by exploiting business processes semantics, the selection process is based on a novel greedy concept covering algorithm, which computes, given a description of the request, the set of needed building blocks.
Ontology Profiler Ontology Profiler is a Multi Plattform framework supporting matchmaking and negotiation in the Semantic Web. It allows the user to:
  • compose her request via the intensional navigation of a reference ontology.
  • retrieve a list of potential supplies ranked with respect to an ontology-based similarity score -- computed via a logic-based matchmaking process interacting with the matchmaker MaMaS-tng.
  • negotiate on ontology-based attributes -- adding, removing, setting to strict [2] -- in order to find a supply best fitting her request.