Marina Mongiello

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Research Interests

  • Multimedia and web-based Information Systems
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Knowledge Representation and Description Logics
  • Semantic Web Services Discovery and Composition
  • Knowledge Representation Systems and Applications for the Semantic Web
  • Information retrieval Systems
  • Applications of formal verification and Model Checking
  • Image and Video Processing and Retrieval
  • Knowledge, competencies and skills Management
  • Awards

  • Best paper award for the paper Concept Abduction and Contraction for Semantic-based Discovery of Matches and Negotiation Spaces in an E-Marketplace, by S. Colucci,T. Di Noia,E. Di Sciascio, F.M. Donini and M. Mongiello at 6th Intl. Conf. on Electronic Commerce, ICEC04, held in Delft NL, Oct. 2004.

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