Risk and environmental, territorial and building development Ph.D. session

Silvana Bruno, Guido Raffaele Dell'Osso, Fabio Fatiguso

Diagnosis aided - Historic Building Information Modelling and Management toward an automated diagnosis

Elena Cantatore, Fabio Fatiguso

Buildings of historical districts in Mediterranean area: a methodology for their energy resilience

Diana Caporale, Caterina De Lucia, Dino Borri

Actors’ perception of the trade-offs between wind energy, risks and territory

Carmine Cavalliere, Guido Raffaele Dell'Osso

BIM-based approach for LCA

Sergio Ruggieri, Valentino Sangiorgio

Information system for supporting of the assessment of masonry churches vulnerability

Tagarelli Vito, Cotecchia Federica

The role of k0, initial in the fully coupled numerical modeling of a climate-induced deep slow landslides

Francesco Todaro, Sabino De Gisi, Claudia Vitone, Michele Notarnicola

Chemo-mechanical laboratory experiments on contaminated sediments: first results for sustainable remediation technologies

Architecture: Innovation and Heritage Ph.D. session

Giuseppe Tupputi, Carlo Moccia

New Paradigms of city-nature. New Paradigms of City-Nature Geographical and urban forms in Saverio Muratori's urban projects


Electrical and Information Engineering Ph.D. session

Angelo Cardellicchio, Cataldo Guaragnella, Angela Lombardi

Convnets and Natural Feature Selection

Mario Christian Falconi, Giuseppe Palma, Florent Starecki, Virginie Nazabal, Johann Troles, Jean-Luc Adam, Stefano Taccheo, Maurizio Ferrari, Francesco Prudenzano

Design of a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) for Mid-IR Signal Based on a Dysprosium-Doped Chalcogenide Optical Fiber

Benedetta Ferrara, Marco Grande, Giovanna Calò, Antonella D'Orazio, Vincenzo Petruzzelli, Beatrice Dagens, Antoine Monmayrant, Olivier Gauthier-Lafaye, Giovanni Magno

Design of mesoscopic photonic crystal waveguides

Mechanical and Management Engineering Ph.D. session

Tommaso Capurso, Michele Lorusso, Marco Torresi, Bernardo Fortunato, Sergio M. Camporeale

Investigation of a passive control system for preventing hydrofoil cavitation by means of OpenFOAM

Michele Stefanizzi, Tommaso Capurso, Marco Torresi, Giuseppe Pascazio, Sergio Ranaldo, Sergio Mario Camporeale, Bernardo Fortunato, Rosario Monteriso

Performance prediction modelling for Pumps operating as Turbines (PaT)

Rosanna Tamborrino, Gaetano Vacca, Umberto Galietti

Analysis of coatings with thermographic techniques: quality of adhesion and thickness investigation