Electrical and Information Engineering Ph.D. poster session

Vito Walter Anelli

SkyRec: a Industry 4.0 framework for team-building and skills recommendations

Vito Bellini

Cinemappy: an hybrid context-aware recommender system for movies

Giuseppe Brunetti

Optoelectronic devices and systems for space applications

Pietro Antonio Paolo Calò

Experimental Test and Characterization of "BASIC64", a New Mixed-Signal Front-End ASIC for SiPM Detectors

Giovanni Colangiulo

A Clusterization Approach for QoE-fair Optimal Resource Allocation in Video Delivery Networks

Antonio Lovascio

Design of a ECSS compliant S-band preselector filter based on the parallel-coupled microstrip technique

Dario Laneve

Electromagnetic Design of 3-GHz Cavities for a 27-MeV Side-Coupled Linac

Ilario Precchiazzi

A Cyber physical system for industry 4.0

Luca Riccardi

Modelling UML Activity Diagrams from Ontology-driven Business Process Monitoring and Analysis

Seyed Mohsen Hosseini

A Model Predictive Control Based Scheduling of Energy Systems with Shared Energy Generation and Storage

Risk and environmental, territorial and building development Ph.D. poster session

Viviana Caponio

Design and implementation of high-performing concrete precast components equipped with sensors for the structural and energetic monitoring

Grazia Caradonna

A WebGIS framework for disseminating processed remotely sensed on land cover transformations

Aleksandra Colovic

Collecting and recycling mobile phones by a reverse logistics

Veronica Fedele

Low pollutants emission road pavements: work summary

Ambra Maria Fiore

The new face of catalysis in green chemistry

Giulia Motta Zanin

Coastal tourism management and climate change impacts: how to integrate risk management in adaptive planning processes

Alessandro Parisi

The economic evaluation of hazardous phenomena: the role of cascading effects

Giuseppe Peschechera

Sustainable water management in agriculture through the Irrigation Water Requirements estimation from open satellite and meteorological data

Luigi Pio Prencipe

Bee Colony Optimization-based model for solving Dynamic and Discrete Berth Allocation Problem

Vincenzo Totaro

A nonstationary approach for daily rainfall annual maxima in Puglia (Italy)

Mechanical and Management Engineering Ph.D. session

Ester D'Accardi

Pulsed Thermography: evaluation and quantitative analysis of defects in aeronautical and mechanical components

Francesca Di Carolo

Dual Colour Thermographic Technique: a study of applicability at high temperatures

Pasquale Guglielmi

Formability and process conditions of Mg alloys for innovative sheet metal forming applications

Giovanni Francesco Massari

Collective decision making in human groups in presence of 'contrarians'

Patrizia Perulli

Hybrid laser welding of dissimilar steels

Antonio Piccininni

Novel processes for sheet metal forming of Aluminium alloys

Bartolomeo Silvestri

Mobility Systems Optimization in Smart Cities by Means of Electric L-Vehicles

Arianna Sorrentino

Performance analysis of an Organic Rankine Cycle power plant under variable load

Muhammad Ali Uzair

Numerical simulation of cold flow model of bubbling fluidized bed

Guido Violano

Adhesion and detachment of randomly rough surfaces

Architecture: Innovation and Heritage Ph.D. session

Marson Korbi

New forms of living. Collective living within and over the city of global capitalism

Vito Quadrato

Reinforced concrete prototypes for industry. The bay as structural device for architectural expressiveness