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Application description

iDriveSafe 2.0 is an evolution of the first software release. Through the acquisition of further OBD-II parameters, the system is able to evaluate vehicle health (in terms of emissions, fuel consumption and gear lever) and risk level, exploiting semantic-based matchmaking in order to suggest users how to reduce or even eliminate danger and get better performance and lower environmental impact. Improvements have been introduced in the design of the user interface, which is now composed of a set of coloured icons, as depicted in Figure 1. In particular, in addition to the upper part that shows information about weather, traffic and road, in the 'Advice' section there are icons for the following parameters:
  • instant and average fuel consumption;
  • emission levels and gear lever;
  • fuel autonomy and vehicle speed;
  • user driving style (careful or aggressive);
  • level of driver attention;
  • available safety devices.
Each icon changes colour, depending on semantic matchmaking results, to indicate a low, medium or high value. The system emits an acoustic signal to alert drivers of problems.

Figure 1: Application interface.

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