• Elliot

    A Comprehensive and Rigorous Framework for Reproducible Recommender Systems Evaluation

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  • Pursuing Privacy in Recommender Systems

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  • CyberChallenge.it 2020 - Iscrizioni Aperte!

    Il Politecnico di Bari partecipa alla nuova edizione di CyberChallenge.IT, programma di formazione per i giovani talenti tra i 16 e i 23 anni, principale iniziativa italiana promossa dal CINI- Cybersecurity National Lab con il supporto del Sistema di Informazione per la Sicurezza della Repubblica e dal Ministero della difesa per identificare, attrarre, reclutare e collocare la prossima generazione di professionisti della sicurezza informatica.

Artificial Intelligence


Recommender Systems

Ubiquitous Web

Big Data and Semantic Technologies

Trustworthy AI

Criteria, points and characteristics that AI systems should have. Lawful, ethical and robust.

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Privacy and Security

Focusing on identified attacks on ML systems and elaborate defenses. Threat Model.
Categorization of attacks and defenses within an adversarial framework.

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Cyber-Physical And Mobile Systems

Critical aspects and solutions; standards. Analysis from the network layer to the application layer.

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Recommender Systems

A recommender system is a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the “rating" or “preference" a user would give to an item.

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About Us

The research activities of the Information Systems Lab (SisInf Lab) have been evolving over the years around a common nucleus: intelligent systems and intelligent data management. All the aspects related to Artificial Intelligence as well as those referring to Software Engineering and Industrial Informatics are part of the background knowledge of professors, Ph.D. students and research assistants working with SisInf Lab. This led to the presentation of new and innovative solutions in the fields of automated reasoning, big data analysis, formal verification of software systems, recommender systems and Internet of Things, just to cite a few. Putting together different souls of computer science to propose smarter and smarter software solutions, algorithms and architectures is the main mission of SisInf Lab and this is made possible thanks to a strong competence in..

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ESA@2021 - Artificial Intelligence for a Better Society - by Tommaso Di Noia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an opportunity for socio-economic development globally, and it can be the key driver to shape our society. It has the potential to disrupt many sectors of the European economy, including health, transport, industry, communication, and education.
But, at the end of the day, AI is a technology. As such, we do need to know it to better understand the potential benefits we can get as well as possible pitfalls related to its usage.
In this presentation, we will give a quick introduction to the AI strategy on AI, focusing on the technological aspects, and we will present some possible side-effects related to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions in real-case applications.