Contact Information


    Raffaele Rizzi

    Payment Industry Specialist | IT Manager @ Gruppo Unipol

    Raffaele Rizzi received the degree in Computer Science Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy) in 2006. The thesis work exploited the theories of the semantic research to produce an ontology-based search engine software, “The Ontology Profiler” accessible even by not-technical users.
    In 2007, he moved to Milan city starting his own career as an IT engineer for insurance, banking and finally for the stock exchange markets.
    On 2010, Raffaele moved to Switzerland, starting its specialization in the payment industry engineering: Moving between Zurich, Lugano and finally Frankfurt, working for an Acquirer Institute first and for an Issuer later, constantly in touch with the local and international card schemes, Raffaele designed payment solutions for the main Swiss bank groups, taking always care to make them easily useable by end customers.
    In 2021, Raffaele decided to embrace a new professional challenge by returning to Italy with the aim to setup an electronic money institution (IMEL) from scratch within one of the biggest Italian insurance groups, by taking the lead of the company’s IT department.