APOLLON is a software system that integrates multiple heterogeneous information sources distributed on the territory through the integrated use of semantic technologies, Iot (Internet of Things), big data, meteorological and atmospheric modelling, and geographic information. The core of the system consists of a semantic layer able to collect large amounts of information from heterogeneous sources (fixed sensors, mobile, smartphone, open data, social media) and report them to extract new information on air quality and air and noise pollution to be used in real time. The system is a reliable source of information to stimulate citizens to engage in individual behaviour to reduce air pollution and noise. Moreover, it aims to ensure the compliance with relevant standards and support local administrators in the implementation of policies to improve environmental quality in urban areas.

“Intervention co-financed under the POR Puglia FESR-ESF 2014-2020 – Priority axis 1 – Research, technological development, innovation – Action 1.6" Interventions to strengthen the regional and national innovative system and increase collaboration between companies and research structures and their strengthening “- INNONETWORK CALL – Aid to support R&D activities"


Air Map
Air pollution represents one of the most serious threats to the environment and affects everyone: people, animals, cities, crops, aquatic ecosystems More...
Noise Map
Traffic, construction work, sirens, horns are not just more or less annoying noises, but are a real source of pollution. More...
Forecast Map
The local forecasting system of atmospheric and noise pollution levels puts in the hands of the Administrations the tools to prevent, or respond promptly, to critical situations. More...

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Through the APOLLON Project, the aim is to provide widespread monitoring of pollutants in the areas subject to experimentation. Both the quality of the air we breathe and the noise levels in the environment around us will be under observation.