International Workshop on Smart Mobility in Future Cities: The Apulia Industry Summit (SMFC 2019)

International Workshop on Smart Mobility in Future Cities: The Apulia Industry Summit (SMFC 2019)

3 Aug 2017

Held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (IEEE SMC 2019)

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October 06 th, 2019

The Nicolaus Hotel, Bari, Italy


The current transportation systems are experiencing an evident and fast evolution, which is expected to disrupt the mobility landscape of the 2020s. The retrofit of traditional transportation methods by the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), as well as the rapid consolidation of novel transportation modalities, such as car sharing or pooling, are leading to the completely novel concept of Smart Mobility. The convergence and coming together of autonomous and electric vehiclesmobile computingInternet of Things and Blockchain technologies will create consistent added value and provide smart mobility innovations. These modernizations will improve the travel experience for millions of people and businesses every day.


The Apulia Region and its entrepreneurs are particularly involved and attentive in sustaining and investing in the evolution of the local transport ensuring the follow-up of the European guidelines. Up to now, the implementation of the Plan of the Regional Transport and of the Three-Year Service Plan have been fundamental tools for regional policies on mobility and have put the vision and objectives of Europe 2020 at the center of the program, developing a regional transport system for smart, sustainable and inclusive mobility.


This Workshop, counting on the interventions of local experts, aims then at offering cues of discussion on the technological scenarios, the infrastructures, the information and communication technologies for the smart mobility, as well as proposing arguments of debate regarding electric and unmanned vehicles and the evolution of logistics in the context of smart mobility.


Furthermore, the SMFC workshop provides an opportunity for Ph.D students and Postdoctoral researchers to present and discuss the most recent advances, ideas, experiences, and challenges in the field of Smart Mobility by means of posters presentations.

Program, Call for posters, Important Dates and info for the registration are available on SMFC web site.


Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Caterina Ciminelli, SMFC General Chair
    Eng. Francesco Nocera, Student Research Competition (SRC) Chair and Web Master
    Prof. Alfredo Grieco, Special Issue Program Chair
    Eng. Giuseppe Brunetti, Workshop Co-Chair
    Eng. Graziana Cavone, Workshop Co-Chair
    Prof. Mariagrazia Dotoli, Workshop Co-Chair
    Eng. Marco Grande, Workshop Co-Chair


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