A formal approach to ontology-based semantic match of skills descriptions

A formal approach to ontology-based semantic match of skills descriptions

Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS) - DEC.-2003


Colucci Simona, Di Noia Tommaso, Di Sciascio Eugenio, Donini Francesco M., Mongiello Marina, Mottola Marco


Holding and creating competences is one of the most strategic activities in organizations, especially in knowledge intensive ones. An organization dealing with a task to perform will firstly check for the required skills among the available personnel. If such a search process leads to discover lacking competencies, organizations may hire external personnel or encourage internal personnel to learn new competencies on the unavailable skills. The current availability of several, well-organized, e-learning modules, makes such possibility appealing and enonomically advantageous. A skill management system performing both the processes of searching among available skills and facilitating the creation of missing ones can hence be a noteworthy source of competitive advantage for a knowledge-intensive organization. We present here an approach and a system for such purpose, which exploits recent advances in semantic-based inference services and technologies.The proposed approach employs Description Logics formalism and reasoning services and is fully in the Semantic Web initiative mainstream.

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