Machine Learning Methods and Technologies for Ubiquitous Computing

Machine Learning Methods and Technologies for Ubiquitous Computing

Proceedings of AI*IA 2012 Doctoral Consortium - JUN-2012


Pinto Agnese, Di Sciascio Eugenio, Ruta Michele


We propose a ubiquitous learning approach useful not only to acquire knowledge in the traditional educational meaning, but also to solve cross-environment everyday problems. By formalizing user request and profile through logic-based knowledge representation languages, a lightweight but semantically meaningful matchmaking process is executed in order to retrieve the most suitable learning resources. Standard formats for distribution of learning objects is extended in a backward-compatible way to support semantic annotations in our framework. Framework and algorithms are absolutely general purpose, nevertheless an application has been developed where the semantic-based Bluetooth/RFID discovery protocols devised in previous work, support users –equipped with an handheld device– to discover learning objects satisfying their needs in a given environment.

Download: Pinto_et_al_AIxIA2012DC.pdf


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